Sunday, November 5, 2017

New to this

I can bake, decorate a cake, bead intricate designs, plenty of things.  But sewing?  Not me.

My husband bought me a sewing machine from Wal-Mart - cheapest sewing machine we could find, because we didn't want to purchase something I would use.

I didn't use it too often.  Thread tension was miserable.  The machine would rattle so much it would shake the table when it ran.

Then I took a couple of sewing classes at JoAnn's.  I sewed a pillow cover for my son, Cat in the Hat theme.  It was cute, but I couldn't tell you how to do it again.  I did learn more about my sewing machine, how to threat it and so forth.  I tried to thread a bobbin, but that didn't go well.

In another JoAnn class I made a quilted bag.  Loved the class, but again, couldn't tell you how to do it again!

Did I give up?  Almost... but then my friends, Kim and Stephanie, signed up to do a table runner, something I really wanted to learn.  But I forgot to bring my sewing machine, so I used the machine at JoAnn's.... and fell in love with sewing.  Did you know that having a quiet, smooth as silk sewing machine could make the difference in the world!

After talking it over with my husband and reading reviews, we bought the same type of sewing machine that I used at JoAnn's.  I finished up the table runner at home - Fall theme.  And then, I made a second runner - for Christmas.  I was thrilled.

Now, I'm on to the quilt class - it's a small quilt.  Smaller is better, because if something is too daunting, I'll not enjoy it.

This blog is to help me remember what in the heck I did.  I'll have to post the step by steps. I'm not someone who has sewed since a kid or feels comfortable with the machine.  I want to eventually get there, but until then, I'm posting on this blog as a reference for future use.  Sort of like a recipe blog.